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About Terrarotja

We have been garden industry buyers since the 1980s – the early days of the decorative container category. We’ve personally purchased and shipped hundreds ( nay thousands?) of containers of pottery and have seen all the great things -- and not-so-great things -- that can happen from factory to customer. We know the industry inside-out and understand its trends. However, so much is changing , so we are adjusting and investing to meet these challenges so we both can be successful in the coming years. We have worked very hard to put together the pieces to be able to offer what no other supplier can come close to offering – retail-ready mixed containers of the freshest products delivered to you door with no surprises . We have enough confidence in ourselves to offer you home delivered pricing straight from the factories, (and with financing if needed).

Customers tell us that we are easy to work with. They reorder. If we make it look easy it is partly because we’ve laid the groundwork with solid factory relationships, unparalleled databases, hard work and commitment. We strive to be predictable and do not make empty promises. We are comfortable picking up the phone – or sending an email – keeping customers up-to-date.

We also make reasonable demands of our customers. Imagine that – a supplier that wants something other than your orders .

Beyond products, we offer a relationship, with the give-and-take that relationships imply. We expect payment according to agreed-to terms – but most notably we make the requirement that you give us an early indication that you will be ordering from us and that you will place these orders early, much earlier than you are use to but still a realistic date, to give us the time to make the goods that you have ordered. While we need to have your orders early there is no deposit required nor is there any requirement that you take delivery early, we just need to know what to make, we can ship anytime. Making and shipping mixed containers requires extra time and if we are to get the best factories to make your goods we must order early. We need to labour this point, it is key. We accomplish a great deal overseas – more than other pottery suppliers. This includes getting the right pots and the desired glazes, mixing items from various factories, affixing labels with desired retail prices and incorporating customer input along the way. All this happens prior to shipment – and especially if delivery is to be in the late winter (when most of the western world wants its pots) – we must discuss orders several months prior -- in May and June.

We do speculate on some stock to be able to ship some containers to desperate Customers and to provide something different, this can be viewed online via our IDS module www.immediate-delivery-stock.com This is first quality stock, if it is clearance it will say so, we do not deal in second quality goods.

We believe that for the independent garden center to be prospering they need to be purchasing a increasing percentage of their goods on a Direct Import basis, we can offer you this service to develop your own import program. We can give you the margins and the different goods that you need. If you think you cannot buy by container look again and come with us, you will be surprised how many you will be ordering within a few years, that is the way it is developing with others.

For responsive and reasonable customers we are a terrific supplier and with the investments we have made and are continuing to make, we will be a terrific supplier to the independent lawn and garden industry for many years to come.

But remember the 3 golden rules ........ Order early ! ...... Order early ! ..... Order early !